Windows are the ultimate free light source for shooting photographs indoors.  The use of this source and technique will produce professional, high quality images that intuitively appeal to the senses.

  • The end product creates professional, high-quality and well-crafted images developed from existing light.
  • Windowlight is most often described as soft, indirect and moody black and white that highlights tone, texture and dimension.
  • Use of natural light indoors at wedding service is most often appreciated when flash prohibited.
  • A command of existing light can also be crucial on rainy days and overcast weather.

Window light most often contributes to unusual and creative images, though not all wedding photography is shot indoors.  When for photographing outside, meticulous choice of a background setting that produces images that showcase natural and existing light is crucial. The style of photography is photojournalistic This effort creates a story of your wedding from start to finish.  Beginning with the bride dressing and culminating with the very rice thrown at the soon to be honeymooning couple, the images create everlasting memories of an unbelievable day.