Weddings by Window Light makes the biggest day of your life a memorable and cherished one.  Images captured by natural and existing light give a surreal and delightful quality that showcases your wedding with unusual and distinctive images.  The photographs reveal the tender nature of bridal innocence and elegance while documenting the events that seal the relationship between couples in love celebrating with those who love them.  The pictures tell a story of your day that will be long remembered. 

Photojournalistic style in photography chronicles the important moments of your wedding from start to finish.  The distinctive appearance of the work indeed tells this story and emphasis is given on your unique and special occasion.  I am there as the storyteller, obscure and not obtrusive, but able to capture these moments that define and establish the spirit of your day.  The importance of using natural light gives the photographer that chance to record the essence of your wedding from behind the scenes. The intrusion of flash and obtrusive lighting that can distract from the important moments that deserve to be remembered for the simplicity of emotion and love.  With window light, natural light, and existing light we develop images that are nostalgic and graceful.

Window light provides the bride and groom with this unique style.  The bridal party and family are remembered as integral participants of a truly grand occasion.  It’s in the details.  Your flower arrangements, elements such as cake and centerpieces are made a part of the photographs that tell your story.  Formal photographs are shot with this style in mind.  The shoot begins with the bride dressing and ends when the couple departs for their honeymoon. Most importantly, the bride and groom can focus on the moment.  Photographs created by window light are as enduring as the love that is sealed on your special day.